Number of layers:         1 to 20

Circuit Types:                  Surface Mount, Through Hole, Hybrid Microcircuits

Component Sides:        Same Side or Both Sides

Design Rules:                  Voltage Spacings, Clearances, Trace Widths, Keep Outs

PCB CAD:                         We have worked with most PCB CAD Packages and when not a strong client preference recommend to use Altium as is a leading CAD system with many advanced and time saving features.

Model Viewing:              PCB and Solid Modeling

Component Type:         Simple components to BGA or ultra fine pitch parts

Deliverables: Gerber Files, 3D Models, Component Libraries, Bills of Mateirals, Pick and Place Files, Stencil Files, Reports, Etc…

Special Instructions:  Special Pad Stacks, Unique Mounting Configurations, Blind Via’s, Adhere To Your Current Reference Designs, etc….

PCB Layout
                                PWB Layout